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Kathy Hoeglmeier

May 1, 1996

My name is Kathy Hoeglmeier and I live in NY. I'm not sure if this is of any interest to you but my grandmother Agnes (walsh)McLaughlin was from county Mayo Ireland. I know she had cousins with the name of Loftus. I am looking at a simple family tree diagram of her geneology. I see a Catherine Loftus listed. This looks as though it is her married name and that her maiden name was Golden (father John, mother Kate Deane. I am pretty sure there were other Loftus' that were closer in relation to my grandmother, I'll have to check my notes that I took a couple of years ago before my grandmother passed away.

I was very interested in doing a family tree also. If you find that you show any connection to the Walsh family in Ireland I would appreciate if you would pass it on to me. I'm sorry I don't have more at this time but if I come upon more I'll fill you in.

Good Luck!


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