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Kevin Loftus

April 11, 1996

very interesting page. i am kevin loftus. as you can see from my email address, people have quite a tough time spelling the ol' last name. seems that nobody can get it quite rite the first time around and seldom correct the second tim (a production supervisor at Volvo) and i have a younger brother craig, a network guru back in radford virginia where i was raised. mom is named glenna, originally a graley, and makes a mean pot of chili. dad and mom are both from the mountains of wild, wonderful, wooly, west virginia. my grandfather was named earl and lived his whole life in west virginia. i am 28, my brother is 24, dad is 59, and mom is…umm…uh…29, rite mom?

i had toyed with the idea of doing some sort of family history but never really knew where to start. i had been told by someone that the name loftus was norwegian. i dont really know what part of norway, or anything other than what this person told me. maybe you could dispense some knowledge my way…


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