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Lavinia Loftus -From E. Cunningham

Haven't done much research on the Loftus family but while researching my grandparent Allender's family I found that Lavinia Loftus married Thomas D. Allender. They had at least two children, James Allender born about 1847 and Cornelia Allender born about 1850. I think there were several others and these two were the youngest. I believe that I have some information that for some reason or other these two children were raised by a Clayton family or an Amos family. They were born in either Maryland or southern PA.

I plan to make an attempt to get into this family as soon as I find out some more about the Allender family. Your page looks great and I hope I can find something here that will be helpful. If I don't I have certainly found this to be an interesting page. (James Allender was my great grandfather so I guess Lavinia Loftus was my gg grandmother).

e. cunningham

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