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Linda Loftus Jaeckel

June 30, 1996

I am interested in finding additional information about the Loftus family of Youngstown, Ohio. My great grandfather, Patrick H. Loftus was a puddler in the steel mills. He was born in Mayo, September 15, 1878 and died in Youngstown, Ohio, November 5, 1936. His wife was the former Mary Ellen Berry, born in Mayo, December 23, 1874 and died in Youngstown, October 11, 1928. Patrick and Mary had the following children: Helen b. January 18, 1905. ( my grandmother) Later married Ray Crawford. John b. July 12, 1906. Maria b. May 16, 1909. Thomas Patrick b. January 15,1911. Catherine b. December 26, 1911. I am a new computer user but have been working on genealogy for several years. Here's hoping I have a Loftus link out there somewhere!

Linda Loftus Jaeckel

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