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Lindajo Loftus

Hi there!

I am a Loftus from Scranton, now living in the LA area of California. Grew up there in the 60s and lived in Scranton again from 1970 - 1980. Father was William G. Loftus who wrote for the Scranton Times from 1958 to 66. Graduated from Scranton Central in the 40s. My father's family was from Ireland – just don't know when.

Here are some of my relatives: Lindajo Loftus (Me) 1952
Pamela Ann Loftus 1958
Carol Lee Loftus 1960
William G. Loftus (father) 1926
Verna Catherine Cassatt (mother) 1925
William A. Loftus deceased 1952 – Barber in North Scranton
Lillian Golembeski deceased 1991 - Nurse at the Mercy in the early 1900s.

Lindajo Loftus

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