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Mandy Pemberton

November 10, 1996


I am a descendant of Margaret Loftus (seventh daughter of Adam Loftus and Jane Purdon) - which means I can really only claim the Loftus name prior to the early 1600s.

I don't know whether you wish to note Margaret's marriage in your list - she married Sir George Colley of Edenderry sometime in the late 1500s and had several daughters and a son Sir William Colley who was an MP for Kildare.

I know very little about Edward, Adam's father, and would love to hear from anyone that has traced their connection back this far. You are most likely aware that St Patricks Cathedral in Dublin has a “Loftus Vault” in which descendants of this family are buried. I have a list of those said to be buried there should you not already have that information.

Should anyone wish to contact me - I have two email addresses: Home - Work

Best wishes

Mandy Pemberton

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