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Mark Masek

May 16, 1996

Greetings! Though I'm not technically a Loftus, I do have Loftus blood, and I was happy to see this page. I started to trace my family history a few months ago, and I've run into a couple of apparent dead-ends and mysteries, including some on the Loftus branch of the family tree. Perhaps some of my potential distant relatives can fill in some of the missing pieces.

My Loftus link comes through my paternal grandmother, Kathryn H. Loftus, b. 10/9/1894, d. 4/7/1963 in Joliet, Ill. Kathryn married John L. Masek and had three sons - Jack, Ray and Glenn (my father). Kathryn had one brother, Martin Loftus, and one sister, Anna F. Loftus McCoy (b. 1889, d. 1985). Their parents were Richard Loftus and Margaret Crowe Loftus. Their details are a little sketchy at this point, and include one of the family mysteries. We know Margaret Crowe was born in County Mayo, Ireland. She married Richard Loftus in Chicago, Ill.; moved to Troy, New York; and had three children. When Margaret died at 27, her husband was faced with raising three young children by himself. The family story is that he took his son, Martin, and moved to Canada, and put his two daughters, Kathryn and Anna, up for adoption.

Kathryn and Anna were adopted and moved back to the Chicago area, where they both married and started families. (In a strange case of history repeating, Anna had two sons, Raymond and Gordon. After Gordon married and had a child of his own, he also decided he couldn't face the parental pressure, and he also ran off.)

The mystery is what happened to Richard and Martin Loftus. As I said, they moved to Canada, probably somewhere in the 1895-1905 range. I guess this was before delinquent fathers and child support payments, and no one ever tried to track them down in Canada, or has any good idea where they moved.

If anyone can help me with these missing puzzle pieces, I'd be deeply grateful, and would certainly invite you to the next family reunion (but only if you promise to do the same).

Mark Masek
Joliet, Ill.

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