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Martin Loftus of Crossmolina Co. Mayo Ireland

I am writing on behalf of my mother, Mary Anne (Mullarkey) McGee, formerly of Glencullen Lower, Bangor Erris, County Mayo, Ireland. (Please note: I do not know the exact dates of birth or death for any of the people I am about to mention, but I can tell you that my mother was born in the early 1940s). My mother's maternal aunt, Mariah Conmy, was married to Martin Loftus, of Crossmolina, Co. Mayo. Mariah and Martin had 6 children (my mother's first cousins): John Vincent, now over 70 years of age, a physician in Ballina, Co. Mayo and father of 3 children, a priest and 2 doctors; Michael, also a physician, of Crossmolina, Co. Mayo; Kevin of Crossmolina, Co. Mayo; Martin of Yonkers, NY; Daniel of Belle Harbor, NY; and Ettie, mother of 3 physicians.

According to my mother, her aunt Mariah, died in the mid to late 1940s, after which Martin Loftus, married a woman from county Sligo, Ireland, and fathered at least 3 more children, one of whom he named Declan, now a physician in Drumshambo, County Leitrim.

Although I have met Doctors Vinny and Mickey, my mother's first cousins, I don't know very much about their children and the other cousins of my generation. I would love to hear from them!

My name is Deborah McGee, age 30. I am the oldest of 3 children: Colleen, age 26, and Rory, age 22, born to Mary (Mullarkey) and Noel McGee of Flushing, Queens, NY. (My father is originally from County Leitrim, Ireland).

Going further back on my mother's side: Her aunt, Mariah, wife of Martin Loftus, was one of 6 children born to James Conmy and Anne Cleary: Hannah (Conmy) Prendergast of NJ; Margaret Conmy of Manhattan, NY; John of County Mayo; Mariah (Conmy) Loftus; Cecilia (Conmy) Winters of County Mayo; and Rose Anne (Conmy) Mullarkey, my grandmother.

Please feel free to post as much of this as you choose on your site. I look forward to hearing from any of my relatives!

Deb McGee

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