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Mary Loftus


I found your awesome site recently as a result of reading “The Invention of Memory: An Irish Family Scrapbook (1560-1934)”.

My research has identified Mary Loftus as my 9th great grandmother, married to Charles Cosby of Stradbally Hall, Ireland. I have found numerous Cosby and peerage claims, as well as the one shown below from the Millennium File, that Mary is the daughter of Archbishop Adam Loftus, Archbishop of Dublin (St Patrick’s Cathedral, Church of Ireland). I have not been able to find any records on Adam Loftus that indicate that any of his 20 children were named Mary and Simon Loftus makes no mention of her in the book referenced above. I have even visited Marsh Library at St Patrick’s Cathedral to have them research this and they also found no linkage.

Does anyone have any definitive record of Mary’s parentage?


Sam Allgood

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