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Mary Loftus - daughter of Patrick and Letitia Co. Mayo Ireland

Mary Loftus, daughter of Patrick and Letitia according to D.C., born about 1816 in or near Castlebar, Mayo. Married Michael Clark/Cleary about 1836 and came to the US, Utica, NY, with husband and baby son, Martin, born in Ireland in 1837. Had about 13 children. None of them named for her father but one named for her mother. Parents, Patrick and Letitia.

She had step-siblings who went to North Dakota according to her obit. Possibly Patrick died young and she was raised by a step father.

I have a photo of her from a newspaper clipping. She looks like a sweet little dumpling of a woman.

Was a devout Roman Catholic and had about 14 children.

Marilynn Masten

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