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Mary Loftus


A Mary Loftus (dob abt. 1802) married Walter Stanton (dob abt. 1802) in Ireland. ??? info derived from a marriage of my Great Grandparents Julia Stanton & Owen Murphy dated April 1853, from the General Register Office in England. I could only derive the actual name of my GG-Grandfather Stanton from the marriage certificate. Through family stories I wrote down the name of Mary Loftus for my GG-Grandmother. I noticed searching that there about one zillion Mary Loftus's. We just guessed at Mary and Walter's b'days. Which I think most genealogists do today going back that far. If there are any genealogists searching such parents could you please put me in your data base. My name being Ruth Rooney. Thanks for any help! The two Grandparents said they were from Ireland, Julia & Owen.


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