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Mary Loftus

April 1997

My name is Mary Loftus. My father was Thomas P. Loftus. He lived in Pittston and Scranton, Pa. Was born in 1901 to Patrick Loftus and Bridget (Belle) Kerns. His brothers (I don't know all of them) were: Richard (2 of them. One died.) Michael, William, John, Patrick, Joseph. Sister Margaret was married to an Ambrose. Uncle Patrick was a protestant minister during the 40's in Pittston. My information is that the family came from Sligo. That is all I know by way of ancestry. I do know that Patrick, William, John and Thomas seem to be the recurring names. Professional research discloses that a John Loftis (sic) settled in Barbados in 1634; John Lofthouse arrived in Philadelphia in 1878 preceded by John Loftus in 1682; Biddy and Elan Loftus in Quebec in 1848 along with Michael, Mary and Thomas. John, Michael, Patrick and Thomas Loftus all arrived in Philadelphia between 1840 and 1860. Pennsylvania was a popular spot because New York State closed down to Irish emigrants for some years.

My father came to Buffalo around 1919 and stayed here. He died in 1956. My grandmother, Bridget, was remarried in Pennsylvania to a Cranston and had one son, James Cranston.

I have a certificate which purports to be the Ancient History of the Distringuished Surname of Loftus (sure know how to sell, don't they) which does list a rather distinguished history. If anyone wants to give their address, I will mail then a copy.

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I am interested in learning about the Loftus family in Scranton and Pittston, Pa.

Thank you.

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