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Mary O'Malley

July 20, 1996

Duane, my mother was Katherine Loftus O'Malley (b.1903), the youngest child of Thomas and Brigid (Quinn) Loftus, was from Cloughbrack, Boffeenaun, County Mayo. My grandparents and many other Loftus family members are buried in the churchyard of St. Therese Church, Boffeenaun, which is on the west side of Lough Conn, between Crossmolina and Castlebar. My mother could trace, in her oral history, the ownership of the family farm by a Thomas Loftus back to the 1800's. She said that the Loftus“people” were always known as scholars. My mother, 1 sister (Ellen) and 1 brother (Thomas) emigrated to Chicago in the 1920's. They were all great Irish patriots and would be amused, to say the least, to think that they might be of English descent! My mother had Loftus cousins who emigrated to Brooklyn and other cousins in Chicago. I wish now that I had written it down when she was alive and able to tell me the relationships.

My mother's sister lived on the farm until she died and the Loftus farm is now owned by another family. Let me know if I can answer any questions. I also have a copy of the Loftus family name history that I bought in Dublin in 1993 from the Historical Research Center. It is interesting. It says that for further research see the 'Loftus Papers“ in Analecta Hibernica Vol. XXV and the Loftus Family Record by Robert Day in the Cork Historical and Archaelogical Society Journal (1896).

Mary O'Malley

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