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Michael J. Loftus II

August 23, 1996

My name is Michael J. Loftus II (A common name in-and-out of my family)! My grandfather was Michael Loftus, born on Nov 29, 1900 in Rhenbrack, Foxford Parish, Co Mayo and died on Jan 29, 1972 in Ventura, California. He was married to Anna Martin, who was born in Castleblaney, Anamullan Parish, Co Monahan. Both rest in Ventura, California.

His father was Patrick Loftus, said to have been born in Culduff, Killaser Parish, Co Mayo (place of birth in doubt)in or about 1856. Patrick was married to Mary Clarke, born in Rhenbrack. Patrick abandoned his family in Ireland, so after my grandfather Michael emigrated to the US, he brought his mother Mary over to live with him. My father (Michael!) remembers her well. I believe that Patrick died in the Seattle area around 1933 or so and left other “family” up there. Patrick had the following siblings: Winifred, Marion, Patrick, and James.

Martin Loftus was born in Culduff, Killaser Parish, Co Mayo and married Catherine Murphy (Katherine?) Both were buried in Culduff. They had three children: Patrick (above), Tom, and Martin.

Michael Clarke was born in Rhenbrack and married Bridget Fanning from Oran Parish, Co Rosecommon. They had two children: Mary (Married Patrick) and James.

All of this came from my grandfather Michael in 1970. I have reason to believe that dates are approximations and that places may be questionable in some cases. I have seen email from one Bob Coe that leads me to believe that we are related through this mess! I hope to hear from him soon. My father reports that a “cousin” from around Boston or perhaps Baltimore visited his family in the late 30's or early 40's.

I would love to hear from anyone who has anything to share on this! Contact me at

Peace in Ireland.

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