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Michael Loftus

March 1997

My name is Michael Loftus.
I was born and currently live in Ireland.
I currently live in the city of Cork.

My father was Tom Loftus from Emly, a village in Tipperary, Ireland.
My grandfather was Thomas Loftus from a village called Pallasgreen in Limerick, Ireland.
My greatgrandfather was Michael Loftus also from Ireland - I'm not sure of the exact address.

I have many aunts and uncles in Ireland, the UK and the US who have done family tree research. If anyone is interested then I would gladly check out any potential linkages between us and them!

I'd be happy to help any Loftus who's researching their Irish ancestry if any of the above locations are meaningful to them.

My email address is

Best regards,
Michael Loftus

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