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Mike Loftus

My name is Michael Patrick Loftus. I live in Bridgeprot, Illinois although I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois (12/13/1953). Both my grandfather (OWEN LOFTUS) and grandmother MARGARET (OHARA) were from Ireland.

I have documentation that OWEN was born in Westport, County Mayo but there may be a discrepancy on the birth date. On his citizenship papers it says he was 25 yrs of age in the year 1918 which would make his birth year 1893. Now I have found an OWEN LOFTUS in the social security death index of OWEN LOFTUS but birth date is march 6, 1891. This could be one in the same and also died in Chicago, IL. Still checking to see if date of death is the same. I see on your date of birth link on your site here that there was an OWEN LOFTUS born to OWEN AND MARY(BEGAN) 13/11/1865 - Owen Loftus Owen Mary Regan 13/11/1865, Sligo Castleconor.

Now my thinking is that I have been looking for the name OWEN for a very long time and haven't really come up with much at all until now. With the dates from your birth records it is VERY possible that I have found my great and great great grandfathers and possibly grandmothers If this is indeed the right OWEN (its not a very popular name). Now if this OWEN born on 13/11/1865 would be my great grandfather that would have made him 28 yrs old at the time of my grandfathers birth (so dates do fit somewhat), see what I mean? What has really struck me on this is that I can remember my grandmother saying (at the time Ronald Reagan was president here ) we could be related but they spell it different (Reagan vs Regan) but really don't know if she was kidding or not. Now I'm guessing that he came over here to the states somewhere about 1913 because he was given citizen ship in 1918 in Macon, GA. to enlist into the military (also have enlistment and discharge papers ) but NOTHING about any other family members in Ireland.

Now as far as grandma goes, MARGARET (O MARA) the spelling may not be right but that's the way it is on her death certificate. She was born march 6, 1893. The only thing I know is from info on death certificate and her fathers name was JOHN T. O MARA. Also that she was from County Kilkenny to my knowledge they did not know each other when they came to the states. They met here but I don't know where. I'm assuming that they met here in Chicago only because his discharge papers say Camp Grant, Illinois and that was August 11,1919. My father was born November 16, 1923, so again I'm assuming they met sometime between 1919 and 1920 and grandma was married before that (shame on her).

She always hushed when that was talked about ….. anyway that is where I'm at on the Loftus family side and ANY help at all would be GREATLY APPRECIATED

Yours truly,
Mike Loftus

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