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Nellie Loftus

January 29, 1997

Great Loftus page. I'm an O'Neill (my father, Michael is from Caherea, Lissycasey, Co. Clare), but my mother is a Loftus. I work in Stamford, CT and live in Westchester, NY.

My mother, Nellie Loftus (O'Neill), was born in 1940 in Oulouge, Callow (between Foxford and Swinford) Co. Mayo to Patrick and Kate Loftus.

Her father, Patrick, was born there in 1904 (he died in 1992). Her mother, Kate O'Neill, was born in Rooskey nearby, in 1899 (she died in 1987).

My mother has four sisters: Sally Healy (Highgate, London, England), Bridie Loughlin (East Brunswick, NJ), Mary (Kings Park, NY), and Kathleen Durkan (Castlebar, Co. Mayo). My mother and father live in Commack, NY.

My grandfather was born to Patrick and Sarah Loftus. He was one of eight children. The others were: Martin, Henry, Thaddy, Eddie, Mary, Sally, and John. The last two were twins. My mother and her sisters lived with Sally when they first came to America in the late 1950s. She had emigrated years before.

My Grandmother was born to Hugh O'Neill and the former Bridgit Battle.

Incidentally, another set of Loftuses lived next store to my mother's family. Jack and Mary Loftus (no relation) now live in Swinford, but their son, Kevin, still lives in the house next to my mother's.

Just wanted to check in and say thank you for your efforts.


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