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Noreen Patricia Loftus-Spilman

March 1997


My name is Noreen Patricia Loftus-Spilman. I happened upon your site as I was wandering around various places looking for Loftus relatives…I'm very much a neophite. I really enjoyed your site. Thought I'd add my Loftus clan to the page. Feel free to use my E-mail address. And thanks again for all your efforts on behalf of the Loftus clan everywhere.

My great grandfather was Timothy Loftus from County Galway, Ireland. He married Penelope (LEE). They had 12 Children (not necessarily in birth order) The children were all born in County Galway, Ireland. This is also where both Timothy & Penelope died.

Mary Loftus, Anthony Loftus, Nora Loftus,Coleman Loftus, John Loftus,Michael Loftus married to Ellen Folan, Redmond Loftus married to Catherine Flaherty, Thomas Loftus married Delia Flaherty, Martin Loftus married Delia Naughton,Timothy Loftus married Nellie Connolly, Bartley Loftus married Agnes Flaherty, Patrick J. Loftus, Sr. (twin brother of Michael - died 1968) married Elizabeth Jane O'Flaherty (1893-1994).

Patrick & Elizabeth are my paternal grandparents. They lived in South Boston, Massachusetts & had 4 children. Several of the other family members lived close by in South Boston also.

Mary Loftus married Robert Travis- 2 children Robert & James
Nora Loftus married Timothy Joyce- 5 children Patricia Ann, Jane, Deborah, Marsha, Michelle (1 child male died at birth)
Penelope (Penny) Loftus married Joseph Trahey- 1 child Sheila (1 child female died soon after birth)
Patrick J. Loftus, Jr. (b. 1927) married Nora T. M. Shaughnessy (b.1926) in (1951)

Patrick & Nora are my parents. Both were born & raised in South Boston, Massachusetts, this is also where they were married. They had 4 children.

Noreen Loftus married:
1. Denver L. Whaley 1985 div. 1990
2. James M. Spilman, Sr. 1993
AKA Noreen Loftus-Whaley, currently Noreen Loftus-Spilman 1 child –Brendan Shaughn Loftus Whaley (b. 1986)

Elizabeth Jane Loftus ( b.1953) married Paul McAuliffe 3 children–Jennifer, Melissa & Paul McAuliffe Patrick J. Loftus, III (b.1954) married Mary Roche 2 children– Katherine Cleary Loftus & Patrick Flaherty Loftus

William Francis Loftus (b. 1959) married Kerry O'Connor 2 children– William F. Loftus & Molly Elizabeth Loftus

Noreen Patricia Loftus-Spilman

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