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Granddaughter of Patrick Loftus


See the entry from Paul Loftus. I am the granddaughter of Patrick Loftus from Swinford, Ireland, and Teresa Thayne from Pennsylvania. They had two sons, Edward Thayne and Patrick, and four daughters, Mae, Isabel, Tress, and Helen (my mother). Tress aka Teresa Griffin is their only surviving child at 96 years of age, and she now lives in Mattawan, Michigan, near her son Bob Griffin and his wife and son. Isabel had two daughters, Barbara and Joan, and Mae four children, Richard, Jack, Ed, and Claire, all of whom have children and some grandchildren. Edward Thayne Loftus and Patrick Loftus never had any children. Oddly enough, Isabel Loftus married John Loftus, no relation, so her name never changed.

My mother was Helen Patricia Loftus. She married my father, George Fanning in 1935 and had three children, James, Judith, and me, Kathleen Fanning. We all grew up in Bloomfield, New Jersey. James now lives in Cleveland and Judith and I live in Berryville, Virginia. I am the only one of the three who married, and I had two children, Elizabeth and Victoria McDaniel. Elizabeth is now Elizabeth Campbell and she has four children, Ethan, Julia, Luke, and Annaleah, just born three months ago.

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