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Paul M. Loftus

August 30, 1996

My posting to Loftus Home page: Our branch of the Loftus family tree goes back to Swinford, in County Mayo. My great grandfather was Martin Loftus who was married to Mary Muldowney Loftus. Martin and Mary had eight children: John, the eldest and father of Matty of Boston's Horseshoe Tavern fame. (Albert Wardwell - that makes us 3rd cousins I think.) 2nd of the eight was Michael, 3rd - Mary who married William Scarf. William died and she later remarried James Kennedy. 4th was Martin, and 5th was Patrick who married Theresa Thayne. 6th of the 8 children was Catherine who married Albert Newing, 7th was Bridget who married Thomas Byrne and youngest of the 8 children of Martin and Mary was William, my grandfather. William married Bridget Casey and they lived in Larksville, Pa, near Wilkes Barre. William and Bridget had 7 children; Vincent, my father was the youngest. I have 1 brother who lives in NJ and 2 sisters who live in PA. My name is Paul Michael Loftus, and I was born in Berwick, Pa. I am married to Barbara and we have 4 children. We have lived in CT for 4 years, having lived in NY, MD, and NC, before that.

Paul M. Loftus

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