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Peter Joseph Loftus

May 6, 1996

My name is Peter Joseph Loftus. I now live in Boston, but I'm from Liverpool, England and recently discovered, through research conducted at St. Catherine's House in London and with the English census records, that my branch of the Lofti have been in Liverpool since at least the 1830s. The earliest Loftus I managed to find was another Peter Loftus, occupation teacher, listed as the father of William Loftus on the certificate for William's 1838 marriage in Liverpool to Mary Lynch. William was born in 1808 in Ireland (family legend says we're from Ballina, but I haven't found any documentary evidence of this), and I assume that Peter was a teacher in Ireland, not Liverpool.

Records list William as a laborer in 1838 but as a policeman in 1841 and 1849. William's and Mary's children (or at least some of them) were:

Margaret (b. 1839), James (b. 1841) (family legend says he was a priest who married), John, Maria, and Richard (born April 11, 1849, died 1907).

Richard Loftus was a sailmaker. On October 16, 1883, he married Margaret Humphrey (who was born in 1859 in Bristol but whose family seems to have been Welsh). Their children were:

Joseph (my grandfather, born Aug. 11, 1884, d. 1958), William, Edith, John, Richard, Margaret, and James.

Joseph Loftus was a plumber. In 1923, he married Agnes Mary Olsen (b. 1885 in Liverpool). They had my aunt Marie in 1924 and my father, Joseph Neville Loftus, in 1926. My father married my mother, Joan Harraghy, in 1956 and I was born in 1957, the oldest of seven children. Other surnames we're connected to are Power, Foley, and Neville. I hope to track down William Loftus and Peter Loftus in Ireland someday. If anyone thinks they're related to any of the Lofti I've listed here, I can provide more detail.

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