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Peter Loftus


Born Loughrea, Country Galway, Ireland in 1843

PETER LOFTUS was born in Loughrea, Country Galway, Ireland in 1843 and his Mother's maiden name was believed to be JOYCE. Peter had an older brother called FRANCIS who joined the East India Company Forces. Another brother (name unknown) is supposed to have emigrated to Seattle, USA and there were other children in the family. When Peter was about 3 years old the Loftus family were among the tenants evicted by the Earl of Clanricarde, who turned his estate into a hunting preserve. Their cottage was torn down and the family moved to Wigan, Lancashire, England. Peter later enlisted into the 57th Middlesex Regiment of the British Army, and he served garrison duty in Ireland before being sent to fight in the India Mutiny and then in 1861 arrived to Auckland, New Zealand to fight in Maori Wars. Peter took his discharge and remained in New Zealand, marrying an Irish lass Annie Florence Houlherhon and had a large family and they were my Great-grandparents.

I am a New Zealander living in Brisbane, Australia and would be thrilled to find any connection to PETER LOFTUS and his family.


Claire Loftus

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