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Priscilla Loftus - UK

I have just found your website and have been browsing and find that there are a lot of Loftus's in both Ireland and the USA. I am not aware if we are related to any of these people as I have found my ancestors to come from Yorkshire.

In the 1930's my Great Uncle Col. Ernest Achey Loftus researched our family tree. The first ancestor was Robert Lofthouse of Northallerton born in 1741, of whom nothing is known. Next, is Michael born 1744, had issue, Michael born 1784, again of whom nothing is known. Next, is Thomas of Northallerton, Plumber and Glazier, married Bridget Russell 1772 in name of Loftus. They had 4 children.

1) Samuel -1773 - 1775

2) Ann - 1777- a twin with

3) Samuel b&d 1777

4) William - 1775-1849 married Jane Green daughter of John Green, Merchant and Shipowner of Hull. He had issue

1) John Green of Hull 1803-1836 - married Mary Johnson 1827. John was a ships mate and was accidently drowned off Spurn Head. He was my Great Great Grandfather. John had 4 children. John, Charles, Eleanor and William.

Capt. William Loftus was my Great Grandfather. He was born in Hull 1832-1896. He married Minna Stamp a farmers daughter of Barrow on Humber. William had 4 children.

1) Walter Edger

2) Walter Reginald

3) Minna Edith

4) Frank Seymour (my grandfather)

Frank Seymour had 7 children

1) Minna

2) Joseph

3) Winefred Alexandra

4) Frank Seymour

5) Violet Victoria

6) Herbert Kenneth

7) Marjory May


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