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Randall G. Loftis - USA


My name is Howard D. Loftis of south-east central Illinois, USA. I noticed a post on the “Loftus Web, Loftus Registry’ posted by a Randall G. Loftis…granted, his post was made in 1996..but I just became aware of this website this week.

I would very much like to contact this Randall G. Lofis; as his ancestor Lemuel Loftis as stated by Randall, is a brother of my GGGG Grandfather Laban Loftis. We have a great deal of information concerning this line of Job and Elvira Goodlett Loftis in the USA; their son’s Laban, Solomon and Martin…nothing on Randall’s ancestor Lemuel other than a name, date and who he married. Actually, just this past week we feel that we have identified the first identified daughter of Job and Elvira Goodlett Loftis…..Cynthia Loftis Wadkins and at this point in time, her limited line of descendants. Family history states we originate from Ireland. Still we have to identify the parents of Job and Elvira, whether on the US side or Ireland. Is there any chance that you still have any contact information for this Randall G. Loftis that could be shared?

Thanks you for your time and consideration.

Howard D. Loftis

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