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S. Wallace Gilbert - Adam Loftus


My connection is to Adam Loftus (1533-1605), the first provost of Trinity College in Dublin. I saw the painting of Adam Loftus at Trinity College and also saw his name engraved on a wall. Unfortunately, I can't remember if Adam Loftus' name was in the cathedral in Dublin or somewhere in a building at Trinity College in Dublin. Maybe someone reading this will know the answer.

My connection to Adam Loftus of 1535-1605 is as follows. . . . . Adam Loftus married Jane Purdon. His son, Sir Dudley Loftus, had a son named Sir Adam Loftus. The daughter of Sir Adam Loftus, Letitia Loftus, married Richard Parsons. Their daughter, Elizabeth Parsons, married Thomas Worsop. Their daughter, Elizabeth Worsop (born 11/15/1656 in Middlesex, England), married John Woods II. Their daughter, Elizabeth Woods, (born circa 1682;died circa 1745 in Virginia) married Peter Wallace, Sr. in 1705 (Peter Wallace, Sr. was born circa 1680 in Scotland; died before 1724 in Northern Ireland). The son of Peter Wallace, Sr. was Peter Wallace Jr, (born in 1719; died in Rockbridge County, Virginia in 1739)married Martha Woods in 1744. Their son, Samuel Wallace (born in 1745 in Virginia;died in 1786 in Virginia, and was a Captain in the Revolutionary War), married Rebekah Anderson in 1770. Their son, Anderson Wallace (born in 1786 after his father's death; died before 11/1818 in Rockbridge County, Virginia), married Mary (“Polly”) Galbraith on 3/30/1809.

Their daughter, Susan Wallace (born 6/22/1817 and died 4/26/1878 in Spencer County, Kentucky) became the third wife of Samuel Gilbert on 7/11/1853. Samuel Gilbert (b. 2/15/1804; died12/7/1876) was a farmer and a miller. The son of Samuel Gilbert and Susan Wallace was John M. Gilbert (b. 8/9/1859; died11/3/1918 in Glendale, Arizona). John M. Gilbert married Florence “Dixie” Morris on 2/4/1885 in Henry County, Kentucky (near Louisville & Shelbyville, Kentucky). They had 5 sons. My grandfather, Shelley Wallace Gilbert (Sr.) was one of those boys. My father, was the son of Shelley Wallace Gilbert (Sr).

Karen Gilbert Rock

Birmingham, Michigan

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