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Sarah Rose Loftus

May 20, 1996

Hello there… Browsing through your site, I did not come across any of my immediate family, so I figured I would respond on their behalf. I will encourage my aunt (the one with the most information on our Loftus') to check out the page if she can. My dad's life as a Loftus started in Buffalo, New York and the family has moved around quite a bit since then - Ohio, California, Switzerland, etc. - but we are fairly sure of my Grandfather, Eugene Loftus, having an Irish background. Currently I represent part of the California group.

As for myself, I have just graduated from Alma College with my Bachelor's in Psychology. In fact, I was quite flattered when another Psychology major asked me if I was related to Elizabeth Loftus. Imagine my surprise to see that she too had found the Loftus page.

Previously I had thought that the name Loftus came from Lofthouse, as Barbara M. Loftus mentioned, but I am curious if an Irish background rules out Lofthouse as the origin. I will try and check back to see if anyone knows.

Sarah Loftus

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