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Line 73: Line 73:
 [[Galadriel Loftus]] /CA /USA\\ [[Galadriel Loftus]] /CA /USA\\
 [[Gary Loftus]] /Alberta /Canada\\ [[Gary Loftus]] /Alberta /Canada\\
 +[[Gary Don Loftis]] ​    /​Texas,​ Florida / USA \\
 [[Gavin Loftus]] /Scotland /UK\\ [[Gavin Loftus]] /Scotland /UK\\
 [[Gerald Loftus]] /Scotland /UK\\ [[Gerald Loftus]] /Scotland /UK\\
Line 168: Line 169:
 [[Nicholas Mason Loftus]] /England\\ [[Nicholas Mason Loftus]] /England\\
 [[Noreen Patricia Loftus-Spilman]] /MA /USA\\ [[Noreen Patricia Loftus-Spilman]] /MA /USA\\
-[[Nellie Loftus]] /Co. Mayo /​Ireland\\ +[[Nellie Loftus]] /Co. Mayo / Ireland\\ 
-[[Patrick Loftus ​ /​Swinford]]/​Ireland\\+[[Patrick Loftus]] /​Swinford ​/ Ireland\\ 
 +[[Patrick Thomas Loftus]]    /Vancouver / Canada\\
 [[Paul Lang Loftus]] /USA\\ [[Paul Lang Loftus]] /USA\\
 [[Paul M. Loftus]] /CT /USA\\ [[Paul M. Loftus]] /CT /USA\\
Line 195: Line 197:
 [[Terry Loftus /Arizona]] / USA\\ [[Terry Loftus /Arizona]] / USA\\
 [[Theodore Robert Wiegert]] /WA /USA\\ [[Theodore Robert Wiegert]] /WA /USA\\
-[[Thomas Loftus ​ /​Hartlepool]] / UK\\+[[Thomas Loftus ​/Galway]]/ Ireland\\ 
 +[[Thomas Loftus ​/​Hartlepool]] / UK\\
 [[Thomas Joseph Loftus /Iowa]] / USA\\ [[Thomas Joseph Loftus /Iowa]] / USA\\
 [[Thomas William Loftus]] /Co. Mayo /NY USA\\ [[Thomas William Loftus]] /Co. Mayo /NY USA\\
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