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LoftusWeb Registry


This Registry is for any Loftus including, Loftis, Lofthouse, Lofthus, O'Loughlin, Loughnane, O'Laughnan, Lawton and Loughney to post information about themselves, their ancestry and lineage. It is hoped that others will be able to peruse the listings and help fill in missing information. And maybe, connections will be made. PLEASE note that over half of these listings do not have contact information. If you have a listing, PLEASE send in an email address or something that someone can contact you on. If you're not currently listed, send me your info and I'll post it. Most of all, have fun!

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Archbishop Adam Loftus /Ireland/UK
Agnes Loftys /USA
Albert J. Wardwell /MA / USA
Albert Loftus /Liverpool / UK
Albert Loftus /Texas / USA
Alfred Kennett Loftus /UK
Alice Loftus /Dublin / Ireland
Alice Loftus /PA / USA
Alison Loftus /UK
Andrew Loftus /Australia
Andrew John Loftus /USA
Andy Loftus /?
Ann Loftus /USA
Ann Loftus /UK
Anne (Altimus) Loftus Ross / Ireland
Anthony Loftus /Ireland
Anthony Francis Loftus /PA / USA
Barbara Loftus /NY / USA
Barbara M. Loftus /Amsterdam / Netherlands
Barrie Loftus /Norfolk / UK
Barry Loftus /Ireland ???
Ben Antony Loftus /Armadale/Australia
Beth Smarr /USA
Bob Coe /Canada
Breege Kelly /Canada
Brendan Loftus /Bonniconlon, Mayo / Ireland
Brett Michael Loftus /CA / USA
Brian Davis /USA
Bridget Loftus /Ireland
Capt. William Loftus 1832-1896 /UK
Carol Lee Loftus Miller /PA /USA
Catherine Loftus /Missouri / USA
Catherine Lofthus /Killala, Mayo / Ireland
Catherine Louise Loftus /WA / USA
Charles Bradley Loftus /Illinois / USA
Charles A. Loftus /Arizona / USA
Claudia (Loftus) Eggers /NY / USA
Clay Novak /USA
Craig Loftus /NJ/USA
Daniel Loftus /WV / USA
Daniel James Loftus /USA
Darrell Gene Loftus II /USA
David James Loftus /USA
David Lofthus /NY / USA
David Thomas /ID/USA
Dean Newell /Taupo /New Zealand
Dennis J. Loftus /NY /USA
Diane Isobel Loftus /Edinburgh /Scotland
Diane Loftus /Nebraska /USA
Diane Loftus Mas /MA /USA
Don Loftis /West Virginia /USA
Donna Aigner Palcsak /Ohio/USA
Duane E. Loftus /Arizona /USA
Edward G. Loftus /Arizona /USA
Edward V. Loftus /MN /USA
Elizabeth Dempsey /USA
Elizabeth Kerr /USA
Elizabeth Loftus /Ireland
Elizabeth F. Loftus /WA /USA
Ellen Loftus /Ireland
Ferdinand Loftus /South Africa
Florence Bridget Loftus /Birmingham /UK
Frank Loftus /USA
Franklin Michael Loftus /???
Galadriel Loftus /CA /USA
Gary Loftus /Alberta /Canada
Gary Don Loftis /Texas, Florida / USA
Gavin Loftus /Scotland /UK
Gerald Loftus /Scotland /UK
Graeme Ralph Loftus /England /UK
Greg Loftus /USA
Gregory Lyon-Loftus /MD /USA
Guy William Ferrars Loftus /UK
Hannah Loftus /Ireland
Harold Prestridge /TX /USA
Helen Loftus Gallagher /Chicago /USA
Howard Koth /WI /USA
Harry (Henry) T. Loftus /Canada/NY
Ian Loftus /Darwin / Australia
Ian Loftus /Kent / UK
Izak Loftus /South Africa
J. Lavelle /USA
James B. Loftus, Jr /USA
James Eldon Loftus, Sr. /NM / USA
James Francis Loftus /Texas / USA
James H. Loftus /???
James Joseph Loftus /Manchester / UK
James Loftus /Mayo / Ireland
James Loftus Attymass/Mayo / Ireland
James Loftus /WA USA
James Martin Loftus /Illinois / USA
James Martin Loftus /Brisbane / Austrlatia
James Thomas Loftus /Ireland
James Pat Loftus, Jr. /Ohio / USA
Jamie Loftus /Iowa /USA
Janet Lindh Loftus /USA
Jay Loftus /Tokyo / Japan
Jean Loftus /Cheshire /UK
Jean Loftus /Maryland /USA
Jennifer Loftus /IN /USA
Jenny Loftus /Mayo /Ireland
Jim Loftus /Philadelphia /USA
Jim Loftus /MA /USA
Jim Loftus /Virginia/USA
Joanne Loftus /St Albans /UK
Joe Loftus /PA /USA
John A. Loftus /WA /USA
John Griffin /Australia
John J. Fenton, 3rd /USA
John Loftus /Mayo / Ireland
John Loftus /USA
Joseph Loftus /Manchester /UK
Joseph M. Loftus /Illinois /USA
Joseph R. Loftus /KY /USA
Karen Marie Loftus /Ireland
Kandis Loftus /PA /USA
Katherine Loftus /WA/USA
Kathy Hoeglmeier /NY / USA
Kevin Loftus /North Carolina / USA
Kevin P. Loftus /Hong Kong
Lavinia Loftus /USA
Linda Loftus Jaeckel /USA
Linda Loftus /Ontario / Canada
Lindajo Loftus /PA /USA
Luke Loftus /Castle bar /Ireland
Lynn Loftus /USA
Lynn Loftus /Prince Edward Island /Canada
Machiel Loftus /Mayo /USA
Mandy Pemberton /Australia
Manuel Loftus /Alaska /USA
Margaret Loftus /
Margaret Loftus /UK
Mark Masek /Illinois / USA
Martin Loftus /Roscommon /Queens
Martin Loftus /Co. Mayo /Ireland
Martin Loftus /Mayo /Ireland
Mary Grace Swift /Kansas /USA
Mary Loftus /Ireland
Mary Loftus /Roscommon / Ireland
Mary Loftus /Co. Mayo / Ireland
Mary Loftus /Mayo / Ireland
Mary Loftus /NY /USA
Mary Loftus /1/USA
Mary Anne Loftus /NY / USA
Mary O'Malley /USA
Mary Louise Loftus /???
Mary Theresa Loftus /Mayo /Ireland
Maureen Loftus /England /UK
Matthew Perk Loftus /USA
Michael Loftis /NE /USA
Michael Edward William Arthur Loftus /South Africa
Michael (Mike) Loftus /New Zealand
Michael Loftus /County Mayo /Ireland
Michael Loftus /Roscommon /Ireland
Michael J. Loftus /Illinois /USA
Michael J. Loftus II /USA
Michael Loftus /Cork /Ireland
Michael S. Loftus /USA
Michael William Loftus /Oklahoma /USA
Mike Loftus I /llinois /USA
Nicholas Mason Loftus /England
Noreen Patricia Loftus-Spilman /MA /USA
Nellie Loftus /Co. Mayo /Ireland
Patrick Loftus /Swinford/Ireland
Patrick Thomas Loftus /Vancouver / Canada\\ [[Paul Lang Loftus /USA
Paul M. Loftus /CT /USA
Peter Joseph Loftus /Boston/Liverpool
Peter Loftus /Rochester /UK
Peter Loftus /Ireland/NZ/USA
Philippa Loftus /UK
Priscilla Loftus /UK
Randall G. Loftis /USA
Ray & Catherine Loftis /Canada
Richard Charles Loftus /UK
Richard Neary /MA /USA
Rick Loftus /USA
Robert Loftus /York /England
Ron Loftus /CA /USA
Roy Jacob John Loftus /Queensland /Australia
S. Wallace Gilbert /USA
Sarah Loftus /Liverpool / UK
Sarah Rose Loftus /CA /USA
Shane Loftus /UT /USA
Simon Loftus /Australia
Stephen E. Loftus /USA
Susan (Loftus) Ramsdell /MA /USA
Teresa Loftus /London / UK
Terry Loftus /Arizona / USA
Theodore Robert Wiegert /WA /USA
Thomas Loftus /Galway/ Ireland
Thomas Loftus /Hartlepool / UK
Thomas Joseph Loftus /Iowa / USA
Thomas William Loftus /Co. Mayo /NY USA
Timothy John Loftus /Mayo /Ireland
Toby Loftus /USA
Tom Loftus /Texas /USA
Victoria Loftus /???
Virginia (Jenny) Lofftus /IL /USA
Virginia Loftus /VT /USA
Virginia Loftus Senders /MA /USA
William Charles Loftus /Ontario /Canada
William Loftus /UK
William Logan Loftis /USA

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