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Terry Loftus

February 28, 1996

Just popped in for a look around. Interesting! I've yet to meet another loftus though I have heard they do exist. My dad was an only child and his dad's brothers never had kids or moved far away over the years.

Speaking of Norway, I've been to Lofthus near Odda. Small but so is everything else around there. Also, while getting or trying to get lost in England we stumbled on Loftus, a small village near York on the coast near Robin Hoods Bay. However, no real 'loftus' sighting at either location! Really a shame since I'd brought the stun gun and ear tags/radio collars!

On the geneology bit, my great-grandfather Owen Loftus, came from Scotland around the 1880's. He settled in Scranton, Pa. My grandfather Martin Loftus was born in Scranton around the late 1880's or early 1890's. The whole bunch moved to Chicago shortly after.

Owen owned a saloon on Harrison but later converted it to a general store during prohibition. We still had some of the mugs used in the saloon around when I was a kid in the 50's. I know Owen had brothers that came over with him but have lost trace. I know that Martin had one brother Manas, he was killed in an accident.

Martin served in WWI and was a teamster afterwards. My dad, also named Martin, was born in 1915 in Chicago. He was an engineer, served with the Coast Guard, had a very odd sense of humor.

I've no brothers, two sisters both married. I'm married, no kids. I got drafted in '70. I'm now a systems analyst at Pima Count Community College District in Tucson, Arizona. Prior to this I worked as a med tech at Univ. Medical Center here in Tucson for 10 years.

(hey, don't forget the xmas card this year buddy!)

Forgot to mention that my dad always talked about a Sissy Loftus, she was a noted actress/singer? as being a relative. Hard to tell.

He also bought some bs bit about the Loftus family crest out of a magazine. Don't really trust such stuff since it seemed rather boilerplate copy.

Have you considered having an image page of various old lofti & who they are? I've got a couple of photos I could scan as gifs, you could then simply web-in and snatch them up.

Hey, good luck with your web pages for our family name quest. I know there's quite a few of us out there and I will be checking in often.

I've got some photos ready for you. The family photos are listed from the top page, I hope to add more over the next few months. A note on my pages, seems most people already consider me a few bricks short of a full load so please take no offense at my sense of humor! Also, I'm doing work with frames as well as some javascript so the folks out there will need a current version of Netscape to view my budding masterpieces. Also, we're going to England & Ireland in May. Hope to meet some other Loftuses while there. If any would like to chat about family names over a pint or two just have them drop me a line

best of regards–terry

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