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Thomas Joseph Loftus


I was just talking to some friends of mine in England and they told me that they ran into some Loftus' in Co. Mayo Ireland and so I thought I would get on the net and see if I could find some ancestry and I came across your site.

My name is Thomas Joseph Loftus and I was born in Waterloo Iowa. There are a lot of Loftus' in that area but they all originally came down from the Rochester Minnesota area.

My grandparents were Alaoucious “Thomas” Loftus (Died in 1991) and Eunice Loftus (living in Waterloo) and they had the following Children

Ed Loftus
Mike Loftus Deceased
Kay Loftus (Knebel)
Patricia Loftus (Philips) Deceased
Kenny Loftus
Larry Loftus (My Dad)
Terry Loftus
Nancy Loftus (Jungen)

All of which still live in the Waterloo area and most of their extended families also live in that area. I live in Anamosa Iowa now. I served four years in the USAF in England from 1984 to 1988 were I met my wife Theresa who is English, so it is interesting for me to see the heritage behind the Loftus name. I know that there is a small town in northern England called Loftus too.

I will get some more information on my grandfathers brothers and one sister and add it to the list. He had 11 brothers and 1 sister.

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