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Thomas William Loftus CO. Mayo / NY USA

My name is Bernadette Marchetti (née Loftus). My father’s name is Thomas William Loftus III, my grandfather was Roscoe Thomas Loftus, and my great-grandfather was Thomas William Loftus, Jr. (I presume, my great-great-grandfather was Thomas William Loftus, Sr.).

From what I understand of my family history, I am a descendant of one of two brothers who emigrated from County Mayo, Ireland to New York during the Potato Famine (which I know was a long time, sorry I can’t be more specific…it was some time in the 1850s).

After arriving in New York the younger brother (I can’t remember which one) was lost and never found again. I’ve always wondered if he died or if there is another branch out there that I don’t know about. My family has a few pictures of the older brother who survived (he is my great-great-great-grandfather). In fact, my father is the spitting image of him, down to the shape of the moustache. It’s strange seeing my “father” wearing Victorian era clothes.

Anyway, I was hoping you could add my branch to your website. I’m afraid that the name dies with my father as he had no sons and my sister Veronica and I married and took our husbands’ last name. My sister married into the Schukis family (I’m unsure of the nationality or origins of the name) and I married into a very Italian family!

Thank you for all the work you have done. I studied anthropology and psychology in university and I have always been proud of my heritage. I’ve been fascinated with researching my family origin/history.

Unfortunately, my mother’s side will be nearly impossible to discover exact origins since she is from the Caribbean nation Trinidad and Tobago. The records there are notoriously inaccurate, missing, etc. I do know, however, that my maternal grandmother (Antoinette Dubois née Ano) is of Portuguese or Spanish and East Indian descent (many Indian indentured servants were sent to Trinidad and Tobago around the turn of the 20th century). My paternal grandfather (Lennox Clarence Dubois) is of French and African descent. My mother was number seven of fourteen.

If there is any more information that you need, let me know. I might be able to get more details from my paternal aunts.


Bernadette Siobhan Loftus Marchetti

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