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Tim Loftus

Michael Loftus?

First of all I want to thank you for your website. I visit it often and find it very interesting.

My name is Tim (Timothy John) Loftus and I am a 5th generation Loftus from Mayo county Ireland. Unfortunately, that is as far as I know. I hope maybe you or a reader of your page can help.

My father, aunt and I have traced back our roots to Thomas J. Loftus. He was born in July 1846 in Mayo County, Ireland. He came to New York, N.Y. in 1872. He married Catherine (Kate) Golden in 1874. She was born June, 1848 in Mayo County, Ireland. They had six children: Thomas Joseph (b. Apr 6, 1875), Robert J. (b. Nov 1879), Michael Edward (b. Feb 1877), Mary Helen (b. Feb 5, 1882), Catherine(Katie) (b. Feb 16, 1884), and James Anthony (b. Sep 10, 1887). Thomas Jr. was born in New York and the others were born in Venice, Ill. We have found that naturalization papers were filed for Thomas in Nov, 1882 in Madison County, Ill but the actual papers cannot be located. Thomas died Mar 5, 1907, and Catherine on Mar 4, 1937. Both Thomas and Catherine are buried in Calvary Cemetary in St Louis, MO. Unfortunetly, that's were the path ends. One clue we have is a Michael Loftus. He and his wife Bridget are buried in the same plot as Catherine. He was born 1840 in Mayo County, Ireland and died Feb 11, 1898. Bridget was born 1838 and died Dec 26,1901.

Any help your or your readers can offer would be greatly appreciated. Also, we have quite a bit of information of the Loftus name in Madison County,Ill. from the 1870s. If anyone needs some of this information we would be glad to correspond with you.

Please email me at or Duane(or whoever receives this) please email me just to let me know you got it and have posted it in the appropriate location on your web page. Thank you so much. It is nice to know there is so much “family” out there. Until just recently I didn't know how popular our name is.

Tim Loftus

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