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Virginia Loftus Senders

February 29, 1996

Hi Duane. My ex-niece-in-law, Elizabeth Loftus (a marvellous woman!) forwarded your Loftus message to me. Unfortunately, my Mac Classic isn't enough to provide me access to the WWW, so I can't look at the Loftus site (I'll do it at the library sometime soon.) Meantime, however, I can offer my own family information:

I am Virginia Loftus Senders. My brother (dec.) was Russell Loftus. We were the children of Francis Xavier Loftus, who later changed his name to Frank Richardson Loftus. He had one sister, Eleanor, who became a Maryknoll nun and died sometime around 1980. He also had two brothers, Bob and Joe. Bob died a long time ago; Joe lives in NJ, and I could probably dredge up his address if I needed to. Joe is married and has children. He also knows more about the Loftus's than I do. My Loftus grandfather died before I was born; I'm not even sure of his name. He married Margaret O'Brien. The family lived in NYC, and my grandfather worked for the IRT – in what capacity I don't know. My brother Russell had two sons, Geoffrey (whom you have already met thru the Psych Today article) and Jonathan, who lives in Brookline and works at DEC. Geoffrey has one (very young) son, Alexander Russell. I also have two sons (this family does not spawn females), but their last name is Senders, so they probably won't go into your registry. There! That empties my memory banks!

I used to think the family was of Irish origin, with earlier Norwegian antecedents (Loftus = loft hus = a house with a loft in Norwegian.) Later in his life, my father seemed to disclaim his Irishness, but that may have been under the influence of my mother. I have been told that there was a Catholic family branch (mine) and a Protestant branch (them!) And that really is all I know about Loftuses.

I'm a retired psychology professor, now functioning as an artist, community and political activist, student as always (through our local five-college Learning in Retirement program,) and generally live person. I'm also divorced.

UPDATE: February 1997

Hi, Virginia Loftus from Vermont again. Last time I wrote I only knew the names of people beyond my Grandfather. I don't have much more but here it is anyway. Howard Loftus, my great grandfather, was born in 1885 also in Scranton, PA. His father, William F. Loftus was born in Carbondale, PA, I do not know the year. He was married to Mary Ann Maher who was born in Brooklyn, NY. I am still trying to locate anybody farther back than William F. Loftus.

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