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Virginia Loftus

December 5, 1996

Hi, my name is Virginia Loftus. I was born and raised in Vermont. I am 19 years old and I am attending the University of Vermont. I am extremely interested in tracing my family roots.

My parents' names are Brian and Barbara (Roach). My father was born in New Jersey. His father, Howard J. Loftus Jr. was born in Scranton, PA. His father was also Howard J. Loftus, and his father was William F. Loftus.

I don't know when or who the first Loftus in my family was to come to this country. My dad also has a brother, Howard J. Loftus III, and a half sister who is also a Loftus but I am not sure of her name.

I will try to find out more history the next time I speak with my grandfather, but for now I thought you might like this information for something.

If you have any information for me about how I might go about finding out more please e-mail me at

Thank you,

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