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William Loftus - Born 1905 Leeds, England

Tommy Loftus don’t know his age or birthplace just that he was older brother of William Sister Nelly Loftus don’t know anything about her other than sister of William Son of William is Stuart Loftus born Leeds , England 5th May 1941 married Moira Kelly born 3rd Mar 1942 Children of stuart and moira

Phillip Loftus born 22nd Sep 1961
Pamela Loftus 25th Oct 1962
Paula Loftus 18th Oct 1963
Christopher Loftus born 5th Dec 1964
Darren Loftus 4th April 1966
Andrew Loftus 26th Feb 1971

Phillip now lives in Prague and Christopher died 5th April 2000

Andy Loftus

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