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SIR JOHN TOTTENHAM BART., of TOTTENHAM GREEN. M.P. successively for New Ross and Fethard. Mayor of Wexford 1757. Created Baronet on Dec. 2nd, 1780, at age of 66. His 1st wife was the youngest daughter of Col. Nicholas, Viscount Loftus-sister, and in her descendants co­heir, of Henry Loftus, 3rd Earl of Ely. His younger brother, Charles (a, p. 16), married the elder sister Anne Loftus. This started the connection with the Loftus family.
*The Rt. Hon’ble SIR CHARLES TOTTENHAM, K,P,, p.c., 2nd Bart., B.A.* (Trinity College, Dublin), 1759. During his father’s lifetime he was M.P. successively for Clonmines, Fethard, and Wexford Town. Capt. in 50th Foot, 1770. in 1783, at the age of 45, he succeeded to most of the estate of his uncle Henry, 3rd Earl of Ely; and thereafter was created Baron Loftus of Loftus Hall, Co. Wexford, 28.6.1785; Viscount Loftus, 22.12.1789; Earl of Ely, 15.2.1794; and 1st MARQUESS OF ELY, 29.12.18(K) all in the Peerage of Ireland Finally, on 19.1.1801, he was made Baron Loftus of Long Loftus Yorkshire in the Peerage of the U.K., in which capacity he and his successors have sat in the House of Lords. He was an original Knight of St. Patrick, and he held the post of Postmaster-General in 1789. He seems to have taken a prominent part in the negotiations leading up to the Union of 1800. On inheriting the Loftus estates he assumed the surname and arms of LOFTUS*. His uncle Henry’s will names him as “my nephew Charles Tottenham Loftus”. He married the daughter and co-heir of Robert MyhilI of Killarney, Co. Killarney. There is a tablet to her memory in Bath Abbey, erected by her son (a, p. 6).
SECOND MARQUESS, OF ELY. The Rt. Hon’ble Sir John Loftus, K.P., P.C., D.C.L. (Oxford), 1810. M .P. for Co. Wexford during his father’s lifetime, 1791-1806. Mayor of Wexford, 1794-96. Governor and Custos Rotulorum of Co. Wexford, and Colonel of its militia. He married the eldest daughter of Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood, Bart. She was a Maid of Honour to Queen Charlotte.
THIRD MARQUESS, SIR JOHN HENRY LOFTUS. As Viscount Loftus was M.P. for Woodstock during his father’s lifetime. He married the daughter of James Hope-Vere of Craigie and Black wood, N.B. As a Lady of H.M.’s Bedchamber, she told Queen Victoria the family ghost storysee App. IV. He was educated at Harrow.
LORD GEORGE LOFTUS, was an officer in the Grenadier Guards. Died at Nice.
The Rev. LORD ADAM LOFTUS, was Rector of Magheraculmoney, Co. Fermanagh. He married the daughter of Robert Fannin of Dublin.
The Rt. Hon’ble LORD AUGUSTUS WILLIAM FREDERICK SPENCER LOFTUS, P.C., G.C.B. Ambassador of Great Britain successively at Vienna, 1858, Berlin, 1865, and St. Petersburgh, 1871. Governor of New South Wales, 1880-85. He married the eldest daughter of Vice-Admiral Henry Francis Greville, C.B. (Earl of Warwick collaterals).
LORD HENRY YORKE ASTLEY LOFTUS, B.A. (Oriel College, Oxford). Captain in Wexford Militia. He married the daughter of George Maunsell of Limerick, widow of (1) Francis, 6th Earl of Seafield, and (2) Major G. H. Massy. She was divorced from Lord Henry on her own petition. He was educated at Harrow, where he was a Monitor and in the Cricket XI.
LADY CHARLOTTE LOFTUS, married W.T. Egerton, M.P. for Lymington, 1830, and N. Cheshire, 1832-59. He was created Baron Egerton of Tatton in 1859.
LADY CATHERINE LOFTUS married her cousin, Capt. A. J. Loftus, 18th 1-lussars. He was Gentle-man Usher to H.M. the Queen, 1878, and subsequently Keeper of the Crown  Jewels. His father was Capt. Arthur Loftus, R.N, of Rathangan, Co. Kildare. One of their  daughters died in 1958.
LADY MARION LOFTUS. Her 1st husband 5th Dragoon Guards divorced her; her  2nd was a Baronet, also in 5th D.Gs. and died; her 3rd was also in 5th D.Gs. and died; her 4th  was a parson of Amersham.
FIFTH MARQUESS. SIR JOHN HENRY LOFTUS. He married the daughter of F. A.  Clark of Lynton Court, Hove, and Gracefield, Princes Risborough.
SIXTH MARQUESS. SIR GEORGE HERBERT LOFTUS. His 1st wife, who died at the age of 28, was daughter of Major Vandeleur of Ralahine, Co. Clare — see Burke’s L.G. of Ireland. Eighteen years later he married the daughter of Nigel Gresley, J.P., of Hobart, Tasmania.
MARIANNE LOFTUS, married Robert O’Brien Studdert of Cullane, Co. Clare — see  Burke’s L. G. of Ireland.
HENRY JOHN LOFTUS, B.A. (Trinity College, Cambridge), was Page of Honour to H.M. the Queen, and 3rd Secretary, Diplomatic Service. He married the daughter of William Leech  of Philadelphia, U.S.A. Was a DL. for Middlesex.
AUGUSTUS PELHAM BROOKE LOFTUS, was A.D.C. to his father in N.S. Wales, and married the daughter of P. P. Labertouche, Secretary of Railways, Melbourne.
MONTAGU EGERTON LOFTUS, M.V.O., was Vice-Consul in Corsica and was a King’s Messenger. Educated at Eton. In H.M. Consular Service.
EMMA LOFTUS, married (1) the Hon. F.A. Wellesley, 3rd son 1st Earl Cowley and had a son, Sir V.A.A.H. Wellesley, K..C.M.G., C.B., of the Foreign Office. She divorced (1) in 1882 and  married (2) L. K. von Köller Wiesbaden, Germany.
LORD ADAM JOHN ST. GEORGE LOFTUS, was in the Royal Enniskilling Fusiliers. His sister, Lady ANNA MARY KATHLEEN LOFTUS, married Thomas Leslie Craven, from whom she obtained a divorce in 1937.
SEVENTH MARQUESS. Sir GEORGE HENRY WELLINGTON LOFTUS. He married the daughter of L. G. Gronvold. They lived at 3. Sunnydale, Swanage.
GUY ALVO GREVILLE LOFTUS, was heir presumptive to the title.
* NOTE. — .I have followed Debrett. In the old pedigree H. L. T. said it was the 2ndMarquess who assumed the name of Loftus. The 1st Marquess, who was Earl of Ely when he made his will in 1794, described himself therein as “I, the Rt. Hon’ble Sir Charles Tottenham, Bart., etc.”.