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Duane Loftus & family

Patrick age 5
Patrick age 5

Here's Patrick at 5 around Christmas
time 1996. Looks like he's about ready
to take over the family business now.

Dana's school picture at 16 years old
Dana's school picture
at 16 years old.
Patrick and Dana now
The "Bake-Off"
Patrick and Dana now
The "Bake-Off"
Patrick and Dana
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Patrick's Train 1996

Patrick and "Dad" get a new
electric train for Christmas 1996.
4 Corners 2010
Duane Edward Loftus

Ok…ok … here's a recent picture of me.


Edward G. Loftus
Edward G. Loftus

Here's my dad, Edward G. Loftus at my brother's wedding. He grew up in Raton, New Mexico and was off to Alaska when WWII broke out. He saw a lot of action with the Marines in the Pacific. After the war, he moved to Patagonia, Arizona to help out his sister, Mary. That's where he met my mother, Mona Lou Allen and where my brother Charlie and I were born. Dad died July 13th, 2014

Edward G. Loftus circa 1220

Here's Dad around circa 1920.
This was just before he fell in the
water and the dalmatian saved him.
Notice the "blonde" hair.
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Charles A. Loftus

Here, of course, is my younger and
better looking brother, Charles A. Loftus.
This is a good likeness of him at work.
What else can I say.

William Loftus - headstone

This is a headstone picture of William Loftus found in Durango Colorado. He was my great uncle, died in 1895 at the age of 28 years, 4 months and 29 days (according to the headstone). The headstone stands out from all others and is the showpiece of the cemetary. It is adorned with an anchor and many relief carvings. I don't know why.

I'll try to get some newer and better pictures for this album. If anyone has an idea on a site where we can store a bunch of .jpg pictures, we can put together (Terry Loftus' idea) a searchable global album of all Loftus's who send (or upload) a family picture. Not a bad idea Terry!

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