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The Loftus Registry
Name State / Country
Archbishop Adam Loftus Ireland/UK
Agnes Loftys USA
Albert J. Wardwell MA / USA
Albert Loftus Liverpool / UK
Albert Loftus Texas / USA
Alfred Kennett Loftus UK
Alice Loftus Dublin / Ireland
Alice Loftus PA / USA
Alison Loftus UK
Andrew Loftus Australia
Andrew John Loftus USA
Andy Loftus ?
Ann Loftus USA
Ann Loftus UK
Anne (Altimus) Loftus Ross / Ireland
Anthony Loftus Ireland
Anthony Francis Loftus PA / USA
Barbara Loftus NY / USA
Barbara M. Loftus Amsterdam / Netherlands
Barrie Loftus Norfolk / UK
Barry Loftus Ireland ???
Ben Antony Loftus Armadale/Australia
Beth Smarr USA
Bob Coe Canada
Bob Loftus PA / USA
Breege Kelly Canada
Brendan Loftus Bonniconlon, Mayo / Ireland
Brett Michael Loftus CA / USA
Brian Davis USA
Bridget Loftus Ireland
Capt. William Loftus 1832-1896 UK
Carol Lee Loftus Miller PA /USA
Catherine Loftus Missouri / USA
Catherine Lofthus Killala, Mayo / Ireland
Catherine Louise Loftus WA / USA
Chris Pigott Australia
Charles Bradley Loftus Illinois / USA
Charles A. Loftus Arizona / USA
Claudia (Loftus) Eggers NY / USA
Clay Novak USA
Craig Loftus NJ/USA
Daniel Loftus WV / USA
Daniel James Loftus USA
Darrell Gene Loftus II USA
David James Loftus USA
David Lofthus NY / USA
David Thomas ID/USA
Dean Newell Taupo / New Zealand
Dennis J. Loftus NY / USA
Diane Isobel Loftus Edinburgh / Scotland
Diane Loftus Nebraska / USA
Diane Loftus Mas MA / USA
Don Loftis West Virginia / USA
Donna Aigner Palcsak Ohio / USA
Donna Quinlan ???
Edward G. Loftus Arizona / USA
Edward V. Loftus MN / USA
Elizabeth Dempsey USA
Elizabeth Kerr USA
Elizabeth Loftus Ireland
Elizabeth F. Loftus WA / USA
Ellen Loftus Ireland
Ferdinand Loftus South Africa
Florence Bridget Loftus Birmingham / UK
Frank Loftus USA
Franklin Michael Loftus ???
Galadriel Loftus CA / USA
Gary Loftus Alberta / Canada
Gavin Loftus Scotland / UK
Gerald Loftus Scotland / UK
Graeme Ralph Loftus England / UK
Greg Loftus USA
Gregory Lyon-Loftus MD / USA
Guy William Ferrars Loftus UK
Hannah Loftus Ireland
Harold Prestridge TX / USA
Helen Loftus Gallagher Chicago / USA
Howard Koth WI / USA
Harry (Henry) T. Loftus Canada/NY  
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Ian Loftus Darwin / Australia
Izak Loftus South Africa
J. Lavelle USA
James B. Loftus, Jr USA
James Eldon Loftus, Sr. NM / USA
James Francis Loftus Texas / USA
James H. Loftus ???
James Joseph Loftus Manchester / UK
James Loftus Mayo / Ireland
James Loftus WA / USA
James Martin Loftus Illinois / USA
James Martin Loftus Brisbane / Austrlatia
James Thomas Loftus Ireland
James Pat Loftus, Jr. Ohio / USA
Jamie Loftus Iowa, USA
Janet Lindh Loftus USA
Jay Loftus Tokyo / Japan
Jean Loftus Cheshire / UK
Jean Loftus Maryland / USA
Jennifer Ferguson ???
Jennifer Loftus IN / USA
Jenny Loftus Mayo / Ireland
Jim Loftus Philadelphia / USA
Jim Loftus MA / USA
Jim Loftus Virginia / USA
Joanne Loftus St Albans / UK
Joe Loftus PA / USA
John A. Loftus WA / USA
John Griffin Australia
John J. Fenton, 3rd USA
John Loftus England / UK
John Loftus Mayo / Ireland
John Loftus USA
Joseph Loftus Manchester / UK
Joseph Francis Loftus Mayo / Ireland ???
Joseph M. Loftus Illinois / USA
Joseph R. Loftus KY / USA
Karen Marie Loftus Ireland
Kandis Loftus PA / USA
Katherine Loftus WA/USA
Kathy Hoeglmeier NY / USA
Kevin Loftus North Carolina / USA
Kevin P. Loftus Hong Kong
Lavinia Loftus USA
Linda Loftus Jaeckel USA
Linda Loftus Ontario / Canada
Lindajo Loftus PA / USA
Luke Loftus Castle bar / Ireland
Lynn Loftus USA
Lynn Loftus Prince Edward Island, Canada
Machiel Loftus Mayo / USA
Mandy Pemberton Australia
Manuel Loftus Alaska / USA
Margaret Loftus ???
Margaret Loftus UK
Mark Masek Illinois / USA
Martin Loftus Roscommon / Queens
Martin Loftus Co. Mayo / Ireland
Martin Loftus Mayo / Ireland
Mary Grace Swift Kansas / USA
Mary Loftus Ireland
Mary Loftus Roscommon / Ireland
Mary Loftus Mayo / Ireland
Mary Loftus Mayo / Ireland
Mary Loftus NY / USA
Mary Loftus USA
Mary Loftus USA
Mary Anne Loftus NY / USA
Mary O'Malley USA
Mary Louise Loftus ???
Mary Theresa Loftus Mayo / Ireland
Maureen Loftus England / UK
Matthew Perk Loftus USA
Michael Loftis NE / USA
Michael Edward William Arthur Loftus South Africa
Michael (Mike) Loftus New Zealand
Michael Loftus County Mayo / Ireland
Michael Loftus Roscommon / Ireland
Michael J. Loftus Illinois / USA
Michael J. Loftus II USA
Michael Loftus Cork / Ireland
Michael S. Loftus USA
Michael William Loftus Oklahoma / USA
Mike Loftus

Illinois / USA

Nicholas Mason Loftus England
Noreen Patricia Loftus-Spilman MA / USA
Nellie Loftus Co. Mayo / Ireland
Patrick Loftus Swinford/Ireland
Paul Lang Loftus USA
Paul M. Loftus CT /USA
Peter Joseph Loftus Boston/Liverpool
Peter Loftus Rochester / UK
Peter Loftus Ireland/NZ/USA
Philippa Loftus UK
Priscilla Loftus UK
Randall G. Loftis USA
Ray & Catherine Loftis Canada
Richard Charles Loftus UK
Richard Neary MA / USA
Rick Loftus USA
Robert Loftus York, England
Ron Loftus CA / USA
Roy Jacob John Loftus Queensland, Australia
S. Wallace Gilbert USA
Sarah Loftus Liverpool / UK
Sarah Rose Loftus CA / USA
Shane Loftus UT / USA
Simon Loftus Australia
Stephen E. Loftus USA
Susan (Loftus) Ramsdell MA / USA
Teresa Loftus London / UK
Terry Loftus Arizona / USA
Theodore Robert Wiegert WA / USA
Thomas Loftus Hartlepool / UK
Thomas Joseph Loftus Iowa / USA
Thomas William Loftus Co. Mayo / NY USA
Timothy John Loftus Mayo / Ireland
Toby Loftus USA
Tom Loftus Texas / USA
Tony Gannaway**** USA
Victoria Loftus ???
Virginia (Jenny) Lofftus IL / USA
Virginia Loftus VT / USA
Virginia Loftus Senders MA / USA
William Charles Loftus Ontario / Canada
William Loftus UK
William Logan Loftis USA
Names with **** next to them are waiting to be updated
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