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Bridget, John or Anthony Loftus
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Hello, my great great grandmother was Bridget Loftus.  According to family history, she was born in County Sligo in 1836.  Her marriage certificate says her father was called William and that he was a farmer.  Sometime before July 1853 she emigrated from Ireland to County Durham in England (I assume because of the famine).  There she married James Johnson in St. Mary's Chapel, Sunderland.  The couple soon after settled in Ludworth/Thornley, County Durham and had two children, Mary and William.  In 1860, the family emigrated to the United States, settling in Gallatin County, Illinois, where James worked as a coalminer.

I've believe that Bridget had two male relatives also living in the UK, John born 1832 and Anthony born 1831.  They appears in the 1851 UK census living on the same street that Bridget lived on in Sunderland when she married James Johnson.  Anthony was a witness to Bridget's daughter's baptism in Thornley in 1854.  And John appears on the 1870 US census, living with Bridget and James in Gallatin, Illinois.

If any of this matches with your family history, please get in touch.

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Re: Bridget, John or Anthony Loftus
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Am interested to read stories like this. Read it and find out.