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Contra Costa, California?
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Hi there,

I would love to make contact with the family of John Loftus and Kate Leahy who both left Ireland for the US in the early 1900's.  I don't think that they knew each other in Ireland, rather they met in the US.  They married and settled in Contra Costa, California. 

As of the 1940 census, they had two children, and Mary's brother and mother were living with them in Contra Costa

John Loftus, 49 - Shipyard Foreman
Kate Loftus (wife) - 46

Mary Loftus (Daughter), 17
John Loftus (Son), 13

Timothy Leahy (Brother in Law), 54
Nora Leahy (Mother in Law), 79

If this rings any bells, I'd love to hear from you.