Author Topic: SEARCHING FOR MARY SCARRY - FROM MAYO  (Read 4491 times)


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My great grandmother was called Mary Scarry and married my great-grandfather Michael Cullen (the name could be spelt as Cullinane, with our without the 'e'). I don't know exactly where Mary came from - only that she is said to have been from Mayo. I also don't know when she married my grandfather, or where, but their first child was born in 1857 and my grandfather, Dominick, in 1959. Michael died in 1881 and was buried in Kiltullagh graveyard, Roscommon. This graveyard is 10 minutes drive from the house where they lived at Carrick, Ballinlough, County Roscommon. Mary Scarry died sometime around 1891, yet her name does not appear on the family headstone where Michael was buried. It could be due to the fact that the family never got around to it at the time. But my grandfather's wife, Mary Lyons, died in 1925 and was buried in that same grave at Kiltullagh and her name inscribed beneath Michael's name. If Mary Scarry was buried with her husband, then I am presuming that her name would be inscribed below her husband's name and then my grandmother's name below that. Because this is not the case, I am presuming that Mary Scarry was not buried there and perhaps she may have requested that she be buried with her family (possibly parents) in Mayo. Would the death and/or burial records for Mayo exist for that period of time.Based on the date of birth of the first child of Michael Cullen (Cullinane) and Mary Scarry in 1857, would marriage records exist for the period around this time. Michael was 52 when he died and would be approximately 28 when his first child was born.I am afraid that is all the information I have on this couple but would love to make contact with anyone who is also researching the name Scarry in Mayo and would have a match with my great-grandmother, Mary. It would be great to find a date of her birth, a place of birth, a date and place of marriage and to set my mind at ease, a place of burial. Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me.