Author Topic: Looking for Gerry (Jerry) Loftus  (Read 3713 times)


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Looking for Gerry (Jerry) Loftus
« on: August 31, 2015, 04:56:31 AM »
My biological father lived in Anchorage AK early 1979. He met my mother Donna Anderson in March of 1979. They had a brief relationship after meeting at a poker game at my grandmothers home, Edytha Anderson. I was born December 1979. He was aware of me, but my mother went on to marry my step father who she was previously in a relationship with. It is my understanding he would be in his 60-70s now. He was working at a cook at the camps. I would like to find my biological father. If you have any information, even if he has passed I would appreciate it greatly. I have a lovely son who deserves to know his grandfather.

God bless.

Angela Ferguson


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Re: Looking for Gerry (Jerry) Loftus
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Thanks for your post and I hope someone recognizes Gerry (Jerry) Loftus for you.  This sometimes takes a while so please be patient.  Sounds like you have been at it for some time.

Duane Loftus
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