Author Topic: Bridget Mutagh / Loftus - County Mayo Ireland  (Read 2201 times)


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Bridget Mutagh / Loftus - County Mayo Ireland
« on: August 07, 2016, 01:23:04 AM »
Hello, I just came across your website after having no luck with this branch of my family tree.
Our connection to the Loftus family is sketchy; this is the info I have.
My grandfather's sister, Bridget Murtagh was born  in/near Woodfield, County Mayo. I am not sure exactly when she was born, sometime between 1860-1870, I am guessing. Bridget Murtagh married a man named Loftus, and they had 2 sons: Patrick and Michael, and 1 daughter.  These children would have been born between 1900-1920.  Patrick may have been raised by his grandparents...That is really all I is very scant, but thought I would take a chance and contact you. My Grandfather, Michael Murtagh, was born about 1864 in Woodfield Kilkelly. He had several siblings:, including a brother John, who went to America. Michael moved to England in the late 1890's, and married and raised a family there. My father was one of his 11 children, and moved to Canada when he was just 16, in 1926. I doubt you will find any connections with the info I provided, but thought there was no harm in trying. All the best, Marie Murtagh.