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NYC Loftus family
« on: November 06, 2016, 09:07:09 AM »
It took me 40 years of researching, but I finally found my NYC Loftus family last year.  My grandmother's grandmother was Katherine Loftus.  I had a picture of her and knew her father's name, but aside from that I knew nothing about her early life. 

Now I know that her parents were David and Ellen Kivlon Loftus, who arrived in the US in the 1830's.  All their children - James, Ellen, Roger, John, David and Katherine - were born in NYC.  They lived in the infamous Five Points area, at 94 Baxter St, for decades, and like many other young men in the area, the boys became involved in gang activity.  James was charged with murder in 1859, Roger was stabbed in the shoulder and died in early 1861 and even David had his share of less serious run-ins with the law before he went off to fight the Civil War.

The family used the same names over and over.  Every generation seemed to have a David and a James.  David's father was also David, and his son James had a son named David, who had a son named James. 

John died as a child, Ellen died unmarried in her 40's and only my g-g-g-grandmother lived a long life.  She married Jospeh Matthews and they moved to Hoboken in the early 1880's.  Her parents joined them there and died in NJ.  Katherine herself died in 1920, at seventy.

I had my DNA tested last year and appear to be low match to Montgomery Jude Loftus, who is a member of this forum.  I'd be interested in comparing notes with him.  Would anyone else with a GEDmatch kit be willing to see if I'm connected?  My kit number is M010220.
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