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ALoftus and Ireland History by Simon Loftus - Warts and all!

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Fromthe arrival of Adam Loftus in Dublin in 1560, Simon Loftus traces thestory of his family, piecing together fragments of history and legendspanning 350 years of Ireland’s history. The background isthe colonial conquest of Ireland and the harsh confrontations ofreligious and national identity but the focus is close at hand,familial. The passions and eccentricities, the daily concerns andrelationships of individuals in this Ascendancy family, over elevengenerations, combine to form an enthralling memoir of shifting moodsand viewpoints. This beautifully written book is a meditation on thenature of memory, set against the ancient landscape of Ireland, andshaped by experience and time. 'A heartfelt, witty prescription for alife worth aspiring to and genuinely well-written.’


ThomasJ Loftus - Baseball
For the sporting lovers!!! Thanks to John W. Loftus for thisinformation:

Don't know if you have a place for famous to somewhat famous Loftus'sbut my great grandfather was the first American major league baseballplayer to develop the bunt:

See the following links (each open in a new window)

ThomasJ. Loftus - Link 1

John W. Loftus (author)
GhostStory - Loftus Hall
Thanksto Niall Harpur from Co. Wexford in Ireland, who kindly pointed me tothis story of Loftus Hall.

Have a look here
Link to
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Dr.Micky Loftus from Crossmollina
Mywife Nanette and I just got back from a few weeks in Western Irelandand had a wonderful time in Galway and County Mayo. There was aninteresting individual we met while visiting - Dr. Micky Loftus fromCrossmollina in County Mayo. It seems that everyone we met from Northto Southern Ireland was stating the Dr. Loftus was more famous than theIrish President. His stature was established having been President ofthe Gaelic Athletic Association - but then subsequently stepping downdue to his belief that drinking and sports should not mix - this waswhen Guiness came to be a corporate sponsor for the GAA games.

All of the best,

Joe Loftus
Thoughtyou might be interested to know that I just came back from a trip toIreland. We came across a huge house that I found fascinating. Itlooked like the kind of house that Miss Havisham from GreatExpectations would live in!! I wanted to go and have a look but thegates were locked and there was a notice saying "Trespassers will beprosecuted. Guard dogs on Patrol". There was a plaque outside the gatessaying that this mansion belonged to a family in the 13 th centruy andthen in the sixteenth or seventeenth came into the possesion of theLoftus Family. The present Mansion which was in Hook, CountyWexford/Wicklow was built in 1872 and has a lot of ghost storiesattached to it apparently. A lttle furthur away we went to see theremains of Fethard Castle which was abandoned in 1922 by the Loftusfamily when they moved to Loftus Hall. I got really interested in thisfamily which is why I was looking info up on the internet and cameacross your site.

Hope this was of some interest. Any information would be gratefullyreceived. I'm fascinated.

Lucy Ramsden. -
TheLoftus homepage is responsible for a delightful evening that took placeon October 29, 1996 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. After sharinginformation from the Loftus homepage, I began communicating fromDallas, Texas with Dr. Barbara Loftus-Coll and her husband, Irishsculptor John Coll. They graciously invited my companion and I todinner at their home where we met their brilliant daughter Becky.

It was a delightful evening. Meeting these charming people from Ireland[Barbara works in Amsterdam but they are returning to Ireland], waslike a burst of sunshine in a cold country filled with rude natives.Though we live 5000 miles apart, a new friendship was formed -- and itall began in cyberspace.
Thefirst Marquess of Ely
It isnecessary to go back a generationto his uncle, Henry, Earl of Ely, who was an Irish M.P from 1747-1769.He was the first head of the family to establish a separate Loftusparty in the Irish House of Commons which comprised at least 8 MPs andwas thus a major grouping in the parliament.

Henry, Earl of Ely, died, with no surviving issue, in 1783, and all hispeerages became extinct. The heir to all his estates was his sister'sson, Charles Tottenham, who assumed the name of Loftus, and began theprocess of using his electoral interest to secure the recreation of thefamily honours. He was initially undecided about the merits of the Actof Union. However, during the summer of 1799 he and his politicalfollowing decided to back the measure . His support and loyalty wererewarded by his promotion to the marquessate and a U.K barony in 1801.The Duke of Portland, the British Home Secretary, wrote to MarquessCornwallis, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, that if any marquessates werecreated, '...that it should be confined to Lord Ely, whose influence isso extensive, and has of late been so usefully employed.

Compliments ofTim Tottenham, son of the 8thMarquess of Ely now living in Canada

More on the Marquess 1-8
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11thMassachusetts Infantry Regiment in the Civil War

You and I are acquainted with each other via Pub Games, where we meetby chance from time to time (I'm the one that's raising the GermanShepherd guide dog puppy, Zelda).

My great-great-uncle was in the 11th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment inthe Civil War. I was browsing the regimental roster and noticed aLoftus, which you might want to include in the tidbits section of yourweb page.

Loftus,Martin - Priv. - Res. Abington; 24; shoemaker; enl. and must.
June 13, 1861; re-enlist. Dec. 29, 1863; wounded June 16, 1864,
Petersburg, Va.; died of wounds, June 29, 1864, at Washington, D.C.


Martin Loftus was a member of Company C of the 11th Massachusetts.

Seeyou later,

Bob Morss

TheLoftus Special

Fromthe book:

Tropical Bar Book

Drinks and Stories
by Charles Schumann


Juiceof 1 1/2 Limes
3/4oz. Grenadine
3/4oz. Cherry Heering
3/4oz. Apricot Brandy
3/4oz. White Rum
11/2 oz. Brown Rum
11/2 oz. High-Proof Rum


Mixin a shaker with 1 scoop of crushed ice. Strain into a highball glassfilled with fresh crushed ice.

Garnish with an orange slice, maraschino cherry and mint sprig.
Didyou know that a former Lord Mayor of Dublin was Sean 'Dublin Bay'Loftus? He's also a Barrister at Law and a well known environmentalist(he officially changed his middle name to 'Dublin Bay'). I believe hisfamily is originally from County Mayo.

He lectures in Law in the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Best regards,
Kathy Hall
Anda former U.S. Ambassador to Norway was Thomas A. Loftus
Therugby Stadium in Pretoria, South Africa is called Loftus.
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